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Welcome to Treeation Woodland Managament page. We provide a range of quality forestry services to Gloucestershire. Our comprehensive services include intital woodland surveys and writing management plans right through to practical management tasks. We are passionate about sustainable woodland management and our ethos is to conserve local woodlands but also to use these neglected resources to create financial opportunities. We use low-impact machinery and techniques to reach our goals that causes minumum disturbance to flora and fauna.

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Forestry services:

Removing tubex tree shelters

Removing tubex tree shelters












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Overgrown coppice stems that are now prone to splitting apart




Mans involvement with woodland dates back to our origins, Since Neolithic times man has used woodlands as an essential resource to provide shelter, building materials, food, fuel and medicines.

Many woodlands have now become neglected since the industrial revolution when bricks replaced wood as a building material and coal replaced firewood and charcoal as a fuel.

An example of lack of management - A beech tree that will never make good timber due damage caused by vermin in a neglected woodland





The lack of active management has many consequences upon our woodlands such as:

  • Over crowded , spindly, towering trees with poor timber quality and prone to wind throw
  • Poor habitat diversity, lack of tree regeneration
  • Poor light penetration to woodland floor so lack of ground flora and fauna
  • Increased tree daage through vermin and overgrazing
  • Invasion of undesirable vegetation such as Laurel and Rhododendron
  • Excessive damage to tracks through unauthorised vehicles
  • Lack of ride and path maintenance with overgrown vegetation restricting access







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