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Welcome to Treeation Tree Surgery page. We provide a range of quality tree care services to Gloucestershire.  Whether it’s a small fruit tree that needs pruning or an enormous oak tree that needs felling we are able provide the best level service to our clients and their trees possible.  From initial enquiry right through to leaving an immaculately cleansite our team of passionate arborists will always ensure a great job has been done leaving our customers happy every time.



What is Tree Surgery?

Tree Services  - 

  • TREE FELLING - Removal of dead/dying tree see tree felling case study
  • CROWN REDUCTIONS - Pruning or trimming the crown to a smaller size - see crown reductions case study
  • CROWN THINNING - Removing branches from the crown to reduce stresses of weight on the end of limbs see tree surgery case study
  • CROWN RAISING - Raising canopies to a certain height normally to clear certain obstacles
  • TREE PLANTING - Species selection, planting & aftercare see tree planting case study
  • TREE PLANTING - Species selection, planting & aftercare
  • HEDGE MANAGEMENT - Hedge cutting, Hedge trimming, Hedge laying, Hedgerow planting
  • SUSTAINABLE WOOD PRODUCTS - Firewood, BBQ charcoal and Woodchip - see products page
  • FRUIT TREE PRUNING & ORCHARD MANAGEMENT - see orchard management case study
  • STUMP GRINDING - Grinding of stumps and Hand digging smaller stumps
  • Surveys - Undertaking tree inspections, surveys and reports see surveys
  • PLANNING - Preparing felling licences, TPO/Conservation area application
  • SENSITIVE MANAGEMENT OF ANCIENT AND VETERAN TREES see veteran tree managment case study
  • POLLARDING- see pollarding case study



Beech Tree - before

Beech tree casting deep shade over a garden


Beech Tree - before

A light, crown thinning operation has improved light penetration to the ground and improved overall shape and appearance of the tree


Beech Tree - before

Arborist performing a crown reduction


Please do take a look at some of our case studies that show you real examples of our work and check our customer testimonials to see what they think of our services.. If you want to know more about our company policies and qualifications check about us. For upto date matters please visit our blog page.



Tree surgery or arboriculture is the care and management of amenity trees. Generally, most tree surgery occurs in the urban landscape where trees a have high amenity value. Trees are landscape enhancers, pollution filters, soil stabilisers, habitats for urban wildlife and historical features of city life.

Tree surgery is a skilled trade that requires extensive knowledge, experience, courage, stamina and determination. The majority of tree surgery involves working from ropes and harness high up into the tree's crown. Good arborists/tree surgeons go through intensive specialised training and years of practical experience in order to reach a high standard in this field.

Here are some useful examples of where tree surgery can be most beneficial:

  • Formation of good branch frameworks thus promoting structural integrity & reducing future limb failure
  • Removing obstructing limbs from streetlights, windows etc
  • Removal of dead, dying and diseased limbs
  • Reducing crown size
  • Diagnosis of disease and undertaking remedial works
  • Raising canopies to allow access



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