Milling Gloucestershire

Quite often clients can feel quite upset about having to fell a tree in their garden and feel like they are losing an old friend that has been with them many years. A great solution to softening the blow is to utilize some of the timber into making something special. Treeation are able offer a unique service to our clients. Using a very large powerful chainsaw and an Alaskan mill we are able to turn tree trunks into stunning milled timber. The milled timber can then be used for a number of things such as benches, shelves, tables desks etc Our services include on site milling and construction into furniture to meet your needs.

Here we have a large windblown ash tree that we have converted into planks on site. The great advantage of this set up is one person easily up to the tree trunk can carry it. So, in confined spaces with limited access this is the perfect setup. The planks are then stacked with spacers in between while in dries out.







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