Crown Raising Painswick

In summer 2014 Treeation undertook a large canopy raising job. An initial survey with the client around the property allowed us to identify the work needed to achieve our client’s objectives and to then priorities the work accordingly. The practical work involved raising the canopies of hundreds of boundary, mature trees to around 5 m in height around 5 large fields. By raising tree canopy more light and better access is allowed for vehicles etc. All trees were carefully pruned. By undertaking work with a good understanding of tree biology and pruning methodology we are able to minimize any damage caused to the tree and to ensure future growth is favorable for the client’s objectives and for the tree health.

In addition a number of dead, dying or dangerous trees were flagged up on the initial survey. These trees were removed or made safe by Treeation. The job was completed on schedule and met the client’s requirements.








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