Veteran Tree Management Gloucester

Treeation has a keen interest and are passionate about restoration of ancient coppice, pollards and veteran trees. We are keen members of the Ancient Tree Forum. It is one of the most rewarding jobs in the trade to be able to work with very old distinguished trees and to help to conserve them is a real joy. Patrick Baldwin director of Treeation is the author of 2 articles written about veteran trees for Small Woods magazine. Please see blog to read these articles.



At the end of winter 2013 we were lucky enough to be able to be part of a small woodland project that involved conserving 3 ash veteran pollards from peeling and collapsing into bits. The pollards hadn’t been cut for 70-90 years so we took quite a cautious approach as too much of a shock at this stage may have caused dramatic stress leading to the possibility of fungal and pathogen invasion. We also halo thinned some self set trees that were growing too close to some large oaks to remove future competition and improve their survival





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