Storm Damage Gloucestershire

After the severe storms of winter 2013/14 Treeation were non-stop clearing up and making safe storm damaged trees. This type of work takes particular care and experience and is deemed the most dangerous work in the industry.

Here we have a couple of examples of jobs we undertook. The first one is a large bough from a yew tree collapsed onto our client’s house causing damage to their roof and house as well as an electricity cable.


  The situation   The bough has been carefully removed and no further damage was caused to the building. Although the tree is now left out of balance.   Treeation undertook corrective pruning to leave a well balance tree and reduced the risk of further failures occurring.    

The second example if a huge ash tree that collapsed into a field. This job took a lot of careful planning in order to carry out the work safely and there must have been around 25tonnes of tree to deal with! We used large tirfor winches and a tractor to remove the wood from the field.









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