Woodland Creation & Scrub Control, Stroud

In winter 2013/14 Treeation project managed a woodland creation project with a local landowner based at The Camp, Gloucestershire.  Treeation were able to give invaluable advise to our client due to our experience and knowledge in woodland managament. A mistake planning in woodland can take decades to show so it is very important to get it right first time round!

An initial survey of the site all and brainstorming sessions allowed us to assess the site and listen to the client’s objectives and aspirations for the proposed woodland. Treeation advised on an appropriate harvesting system, future machinery, firewood management and a potential list of tree species we felt would suit the soil and location of the site as well as being beneficial to wildlife and woodfuel requirements. This composed mainly of native broadleaved tree species. We then formulated a woodland design with a effective ride system and layout that would optimize future management works. Treeation advised on suitable tree protection and liaised with a local nursery who supplied the trees and materials.

Before the planting commenced Treeation undertook several days preparation work. This mainly involved cutting back encroaching scrub to win back some of the land for planting. The scrub arisings were burnt on site to keep costs down and all stumps were cut low and treated with a roundup herbicide to prevent regrowth.  We were sensitive to leave scallops of scrub intact as the scrub habitat is very important for wildlife.

Treeation undertook the planting of the 3000 tree whips and added stakes and tubex tree shelters to each one to protect from vermin damage and increase growth rates. When the planting project was complete we advised the landowner on the importance of after care for the next 3 years and suggested an aftercare routine and ride management program. 








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